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Making a last minute IRA contribution 5-23-2020

 We’ll look at the one thing you probably haven’t done in quarantine, but you should.
I’ll have key moves to make now to protect your financial future if you’ve been furloughed.
And how to make a last minute IRA contribution. 

Having to give stimulus money back 5-16-2020

  I am sure you’ve heard that some people have received stimulus checks for deceased loved one’s and the IRS wants those back. I’ll explain this in more detail.
Next if your income has dropped and you have Medicare, there are options to ease what you pay for Part B and D.
And should you wait until July to file your taxes, I’ll break that down for you.

Overlooked tax breaks 5-9-2020

  I have some financial concepts I want to go over with you that I feel are important for you to understand.
Also, we’ll check out the most overlooked tax breaks for retirees.
And I have strategies for retirement during this time of uncertainty. 

401(k) mistakes 5-2-2020

 Retirees don’t have to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) this year as part of The Cares Act. But what if you already took your RMD, what can you do? You have options.
We’ll also look at how to avoid mistakes with your 401(k) when going from job to job.
And the scams from the coronavirus keep coming, I’ll catch you up on the current ones and what to watch out for.