Insights on Ageism 8-10-19

 There was a symposium recently on ageism, looking at age 50 plus, and I’ll have the results of that conference.
Also, I have information about how expenses affect us in retirement?
And we’ll consider alternatives to long-term care insurance.  

Are medications from Canada OK?

  The cost of some medications is causing people to look at buying their drugs in Canada, I am going to look into all the details on this. 

There are things you can do now that will help you with your taxes next year, we’ll get into that.

And there is a system to redeem damaged currency and I’ll explain how that works.  

Financial Infidelity 7-27-19

 I’ll have the warning signs of financial infidelity. I'll explain what that is and what are the warning signs.
We’ve talked often of the importance of having a good credit score, so what is considered an average credit score?
And this should be a fun discussion, the art of doing nothing in retirement. Sounds easy but for many they need ideas how to relax.  

Ages for retirement planning 8-3-19

 If you’ve ever been contacted by a debt collector for a bill you’ve already paid your not alone. I’ll have how to handle this type of situation. 

Many people rent cars, and there are secrets that the rental companies don’t necessarily want you to know, we’ll go into that.

And when it comes to retirement planning you need to do certain things at specific ages, I’ll break that down for you.