Retirement Challenges Part 2 7-13-19

   On Your Safe Money Show this week I'll continue Part 2 of my two part series on Retirement Challenges. This week I'll have RMD's, Required Minimum Distributions, the affects of inflation, the importance of signing up for Medicare on time, student loan repayment and Social Security and debt in retirement.  

Personal loan scams 6-22-19

 You've probably heard before that baby boomers are to blame for Social Security's money issues, well that’s not the case and I’ll explain that in more detail.
Also, personal loan scams are becoming a bigger problem, I’ll have the warning signs.
And an interesting report says the Treasury depart feels the student-debt crisis is so bad that financial education should be mandatory for college students. I'll discuss the ramifications.

Surprise Medicare bill 6-29-19

For this week's show, I’ll have spending habits I want you to avoid, sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be very helpful.
Next: how much can you contribute to a SEP IRA for 2019?

 And is credit life insurance worth it?  

Retirement Challenges Part 1 7-6-19

   We have a special edition of Your Safe Money Show for you this week (July 6) and next. It's a two part series on "Retirement Challenges".
For Part 1 this week I'll discuss Roth and Traditional IRA's, longevity and how to make your money last, the cost of health care and retirement income taxes and penalties.