Are you ready to retire? 10-5-19

 Recent research has found that pessimists are 35% more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than optimists. This was a huge study and I’ll share those details.
Here’s the question “Are you really ready to retire”? I’ll have steps to a happy retirement.
And more seniors are working than ever, is it because they want to work or have to work? Is Social Security enough to live on? We’ll examine working in our later years. 

How important is the Census? 9-28-19

   The 2020 Census will be happening in March, and there’ll be changes to go over and why it’s important to participate.
Health Insurance Open Enrollment is coming, and I’ll have how to make the most of it.
And I get this question often, so I thought it was time to go over how to roll over your 401(k) plan to a Roth IRA. 

How to be a snowbird 9-21-19

 For this weeks show,  I'll be talking about if a fire, flood, or other unforeseen disaster hits, do you know how to file a claim with your insurance company? I’ll have what you need to do to file a claim.
Cell phone plans can be expensive I’ll share ways to reduce your phone bill.
And if you head to warmer climate in the winter, we’ll go over tips for being a snowbird.  

Student health insurance 9-14-19

   Maybe you’ve heard about “break-even” calculations when it comes to your Social Security benefits and when you take those benefits. I want to examine this for you.
Also, long-term care is very expensive, and you can deduct those expenses from your taxes, I’ll go into detail on this.
And I have things to know about student health insurance as our college age children are back at school.