Saving money after retirement 9-8-18

     I saw a headline “Having children can ruin your retirement”. Now I know that sounds terrible, but it did catch my attention, we’ll dig into what that really means.
Sometimes we have no choice, we have to tap into retirement accounts early, and that means penalties. Well in some cases you can avoid or reduce those penalties. I’ll explain how that works.
And were always talking about ways to save “before” retirement, today we’ll see how to save “after” retirement.  

Are you covered 9-15-18

 We have a quiz called “Are you covered”? Using typical homeowners, auto and health insurance policies we’ll see what you know about your coverage's.
We always get questions about if you have health insurance with your employer, and your age 65, how does Medicare coordinate with your employer’s plan?
And on the lighter side today we’ll have classic and unique retirement gift ideas to pass along.  

Affordable housing in retirement 8-25-18

   You know over the years we’ve talked about how to handle helping your adult children and still protecting your retirement funds. We’ll look at helping your adult child if they want to start their own business. What are the pitfalls to consider?
It’s pretty common for one spouse to retire before the other, how can you plan for the changes both financial and psychological?
And finding affordable housing in retirement has become a bigger deal these days, I’ll have suggestions to help your botto

Controlling expenses 9-1-18

  On this week's Your Safe Money Show, I want to go over how your Social Security benefit is calculated. There’s some confusion on this so I thought we’d shine a light on that process.
I also have a way to boost your retirement savings, I’ll keep you in suspense of what that is.
And how can you control expenses in retirement? It stands to reason that if you control expenses your income will go further.