What NOT to do when buying a house 4-20-19

  For most of us, buying a house is one of the largest financial purchases we ever make. On the April 20th Your Safe Money Show, I have things you should NEVER do when buying a house. This is great information if you’re a first-time buyer or you find yourself after many years looking to buy a home.
Also, a survey found 53% of Americans want to live to 100 but are anxious about paying for that long retirement. I have answers to help that anxiety.
And, we’ll look at the unexpected costs of retire

Never use 401(k) to pay off debt 4-27-19

 As another school year is wrapping up, seniors are looking at their next step, and technical colleges are changing the way they recruit students. The trades are fighting back against the 4-year college as the only choice. We’ll look into that.
Also, if you paid more in taxes in 2018, I have something for you to consider that might help with taxes this year.
And I have the biggest reason you should never use your 401(k) to pay off debt.  

The Secure Act 5-4-19

 Pensions are pretty much a thing of the past but there are still jobs that offer pensions, so I’ll go over those careers.
There’s retirement legislation right now in a bill called the Secure Act that has bipartisan backing and I’ll explain how, if passed, this will help you with your retirement.
And I’ll have ways to research your family history for free.     

Manage your medications 5-11-19

 There are documents as we age, related to health care, that are extremely important, and I’ll explain what those are and why they're important.
Also, there’s something called dynamic pricing that marketers use on line that can cost you money. I’ll have ways to outsmart those tactics.
And medication therapy management is a helpful way to manage your medications and not everyone knows it’s available for them.