Best of Show 12-30-17

 We have a special edition of Your Safe Money Show this Saturday December 30. We will highlight some of the topics that really touched listeners this year including how important is your credit score?, pay yourself first, common scams, and older couples living together. 

Holiday Gifts 2017

For the Saturday December 23 Your Safe Money Show, the Fed raised the interest rate recently, we’ll discuss what that means for the economy and our pocket books. 

Credit card debt is in the news again and the average consumer pays nearly $1000 a year. What can we do to diminish or stop that all together? 

Gift cards are given more today than ever, I’ll have scams to be aware of with gift cards

And what are the most popular holiday gifts for 2017? 

New Tax Law: 1-6-18

 I know you’ve been hearing about the new tax law and I want to break down how that will affect us as tax payers.
And with this new year let’s see what you can expect for your personal finances and I’ll have ways to build your budget for 2018. (From January 6th, 2018 show)

Money Myths 1-13-18

 On this week's (January 13) Your Safe Money Show we have all heard “money rules or myths” and just because someone says them, doesn’t mean they’re true or the best advice. I want to dispel or at least discuss what those myths are.
As we age we all know the benefits of exercise and eating right, but there’s also things we can do when certain issues come up, that can make a huge difference in our quality and longevity of our lives.  

Little known credit card benefits 1-20-18

 More and more people are working longer these days for a variety or reasons. We’ll look at what jobs seem to be the most enjoyable for older workers.
Also, today, having a good credit score is so important and I’ll have ways for you to raise your credit score.
And there are benefits with credit cards that you might not even realize so we’ll go over those as well.