Overview show 12-29-19

 This end of the year show explains concepts like "Red and Green Money", "Real Rate of Return" and options with your 401(k).  You also find out how to find unclaimed money.

Best of Show 2018 1-5-19

   For our first show in 2019, Your Safe Money Show will cover changes to Social Security. Finding old pension plans, how medical debt is now counted differently from other debt, and locating a lost insurance policy. 

Effects of Government Shutdown 1-12-19

  On this weeks show, we’ll look at the effect of a partial government shutdown and what we can expect on several fronts.
The decision to disinherit a family member can be difficult but sometimes necessary, we’ll discuss those steps.
And I have a January financial “to-do” list that will be a great way to get on track here in 2019.  

Tax cut and jobs act 12-22-18

  For the show this week (December 22), I wanted to cover important things happening right now like a federal judges ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and I also want to tell you about tax changes with the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
But with Christmas right around the corner, on a lighter side, we’ll look at when grandparents show their love through gifts, where does it become too much?
And do Americans marry for love or money?