Paying too much for drugs 3-24-18

 I have a couple notes about filing taxes to pass along, also a heads up about paying too much for your prescriptions.
How would you like to pay your mortgage off sooner? I have steps to help you do just that.
And more retirees are becoming renters, what are the pro’s and con’s with renting in retirement?  

Broadband limits 3-31-18

 For this week's show, I’ll touch on when Social Security can be taxed.
There’s new information on Medicare closing the doughnut hole.
The time may have come when we don’t need to sign when using a credit card and broadband limits in rural areas has far reaching implications.    

Older consumers left out 4-7-18

    For years businesses marketed to younger people, and families, they’re the ones spending right? Not so fast, older consumers are an untapped market, we’ll discuss why changes are needed. 

A new survey finds boomers and gen- xers skipping health care because of cost. Why is this happening?
And how can you save money on the biggest expenses in your budget?  

Medicare cards and scammers 4-14-18

  Emergency money, I know we talk about this often on the show but today I want to go into when to use that emergency fund and what qualifies as an emergency. We’ll get a bit more detailed on this topic.
New Medicare cards are starting to come out this year and scammers are taking advantage. I have what to watch for and how to protect yourself.
And if you’re thinking of retiring this year I’ll have what you should consider first before you pull the pin.