Changes to Social Security in 2020 11-2-19

 For the November 2nd edition of Your Safe Money Show I want to explain some of the disadvantages of Medicare Advantage plans.
Many Americans think they know more about money than they do, and this can cause problems through out your life but especially in retirement. I’ll have ways to bridge the financial literacy gap.
And I’ll have the changes coming to Social Security in 2020.  

Discount drug cards 10-26-19

  You’ve maybe heard of discount drug cards that offer savings on your prescriptions. We’ll see what they offer and how they work?
Also, the Federal Government has new rules regarding “economic hardship” withdrawals from 401(k)s, you need to be careful with this.
And I'll explain about what happens to someone’s debt when they die.  

Installment loans beware 11-16-19

 For this edition of Your Safe Money Show I will share ways for you to find an old 401(k). Accounts get left behind especially if someone is changing jobs more frequently, so I’ll explain what to do.
I talked in the past about payday loans and now I need to explain about the danger of online installment loans.
And I will have ideas to help you stretch your dollars in retirement.  

What does the Fed rate cut mean? 11-9-19

 The Federal Reserve has cut rates 3 times in 2019, I’ll discuss what that means for you.
The headline reads “how to wean your adult children off the bank of Mom and Dad”, this is an ongoing issue so we’ll go into what you can do.
And when someone passes away and they have lots of stuff often families don’t know what to do. Well there’s a booming industry to help, and I’ll explain.