Alzheimer awareness 11-3-18

  Robin had a chance to talk with Emma Shepard about November being National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Caregivers month. Emma has information on what help is available and more.
I read about a 100-year-old track champion Orville Rogers and I’ll share his insight to a successful retirement.
And the cost of healthcare has to be one of the first considerations when planning for retirement. I’ll have costs and how we can handle those costs going forward.  

Ultra FICO 11-10-18

 For this weeks show,  there’s a new FICO score called Ultra FICO and I’ll explain what that is and some of the concerns with it as well.
If you would inherit an IRA, there are things you need to know so you don’t get hit with penalties and taxes.
And I’ll have why it’s a good idea to get rid of expired medications.  

Medicare Updates 10-20-18

  Medicare Open enrollment is under way and I have information about Part B premiums going up and zero premium plans being offered.
Your Social Security check will rise in 2019, I’ll tell you by how much.
And prescription gag clauses are being banned, I’ll explain that as well. 

Snowbird Tips 10-27-18

Since were in the middle of Open enrollment for Medicare, and MNSure Open enrollment starts November 1st, I thought it would be a good idea to go over common terms when comparing plans.
When people look at retiring they often time go by age- 62 or 65 or whatever. I have a new number for you to consider before retiring.
And I’ll have tips for snowbirds in retirement.