Retirement IQ test 7-17-18

    On this (July 14) edition of Your Safe Money Show, we will be looking at a couple specific details inside Medicare. We’ll examine prescription drug costs and we’ll also look at misunderstanding what is and isn’t covered with Medicare. Medicare has so many parts to it and today so many people base when they can retire on when they start Medicare, so it’s important to have as much information as possible. And I have a retirement IQ test for you, with true or false answers that I think you’ll f

Overview show 6-23-18

   There's "red" money and "green" money, what's the difference?
What is the real rate of return?
Find out if you have any "unclaimed money" .
Do you fully understand your 401(k)? And we'll examine healthcare from MnSure to Medicare. 

What is net worth 6-30-18

   I have advice for newlyweds in regards to their finances, and it's good information for all of us.
I'll share jobs in Minnesota and our aging workforce and understanding net worth. 

Money and family 7-7-18

  The (July 7th) show, money can cause problems in relationships, especially family connections, I’ll have what NOT to do with money and family.
Financial elder abuse is a real concern and we’ll explain that in more detail.
Plus, before you retire you need to have “the talk” with your children about your retirement.