Social Security scams 2-23-19

 On Your Safe Money Show this week (February 23) we need to talk about how Social Security scams are a growing threat to retirees and what you can do to protect yourself.
A recent report says fertility rates have dropped to the lowest point in history what does that mean for the future?
And there’s a shortage of truck drivers, how does that affect all of us and what is the industry doing to attract workers? 

Sweden's cashless experiment 3-2-19

  There are 5 groups of people that will never receive Social Security benefits, find out who they are.
I’ll have how to donate your IRA distribution to charity and how that can help you with your taxes.
And in Sweden hardly anyone is using cash these days, what’s that like, and is the U.S. looking at this too? 

Inflation and Retirement 3-9-19

  Your Safe Money Show this week, inflation has been low for a while, but especially in retirement, we must factor in inflation and I’ll explain why that’s so important.
We all know there are pros and cons in all things. Working longer can be great for some and unhealthy for others, I’ll explain why that is.
And when it comes to estate planning there are essential documents to have, I’ll tell you which one’s are most important.  

Eye Health 3-16-19

  We have a special edition of Your Safe Money Show this week.
Todd is at a business conference so Robin will be interviewing Doctors Troy and Joe Mork from the FirstLight Eye Clinic in Mora. They will discuss concerns with your eyes as we age and what we can do to take care of our eyesight.
Having a great retirement is not just having your finances figured out, it's also about staying as healthy as possible so you can do all the things you'd like to do in your retirement.