Closing a bank account 12-1-18

 Topics this week, I'll have the really surprising thing people get wrong in retirement and steps to overcome it.
How to close a bank account. 

And I'll have a gift idea that can jump start your child or grandchild's future.  

Crucial retirement tax deadline 12-8-18

  We talk about RMD’s, Required Minimum Distributions, and there’s a crucial retirement tax deadline coming up that you need to be aware of.
I also want to put on the front burner, the importance of having your estate plan in place, and how to do that.
And if you’ll be retiring soon, maybe in 2019, I have some insight to how your life will change in surprising ways that you may not expect. 

Insurance and deer collisions 11-17-18

   Here’s the question, is it better to hit the deer or try to swerve to avoid hitting the deer? How your car insurance will pay for your vehicle repairs or replacement has a lot to do with the collision itself. I’ll explain.
Also, I’ll have moves you can make now to boost your 401(k) savings going into 2019.
And with Thanksgiving coming up this week I have suggestions on how to handle financial conversations that might come up at the dinner table.  

Working and collecting Social Security 11-24-18

 For this weeks show, I'll have information on aid and attendance, it's a benefit for older veterans to help pay for long term care and often time eligible folks aren’t aware of what’s available.
Not everyone realizes that if you collect your Social Security benefits and work before your full retirement age you can lose money if you make over a certain threshold, I’ll explain.
And if you want a great price on airfare, I’ll have the best time to shop that can save you money.