Benefits of an HSA 1-26-19

  Topics this week:
It’s not too late to set savings goals for 2019 and I have various ways for you to do this.
There’s a job challenge that happens to negatively affect older workers more than younger ones, I’ll explain what that is and how to deal with it.
And Health Savings Accounts, HSA’s are a great tool for saving but not everyone qualifies, I’ll have details on those accounts.

New limits for 401(k)'s and IRA's 2-2-19

 For the February 2 Your Safe Money Show, I want to go over new 401(k) and IRA limits for 2019 and how to utilize those accounts especially in regard to taxes.
I am hearing more and more about phased retirements being offered to my clients, so I thought we’d go over the pro’s and con’s of a phased retirement.
And I’ve had several people ask me about applying for Medicare without claiming Social Security, so I’ll go over that for you as well,   

Minimize Social Security taxes 2-9-19

   Social Security can be taxed, and I will have ways to minimize those taxes.
Every generation has their own reality, and your retirement will be different than your parents, I’ll tell you how and why that’s the case.
And I’ll have surprising things you probably never knew about taxes. 

What not to keep in safe deposit box 2-16-19

 Were hearing a lot about taxes in the news right now as tax season is under way. For the February 16th Your Safe Money Show, I have tax filing tips specifically for retirees. 

And having a safe deposit box is a good idea to keep important documents and valuable items however some things are best kept somewhere else. I’ll have ideas what to keep in a safe deposit box and what not to keep there.

 Also, I have the ten commandments of retirement.